Seattle PR Services

Public Relations is often neglected or overlooked by many brands and businesses in Seattle. This happens because many entrepreneurs are so focused on other moving parts of the enterprises that they forget about building a positive image for their brands with the general public. At National Press Distributors (NPD), we believe that every business, company or organization should strive to be relevant, transparent and popular with the public and more specifically their target audience. Successful PR is best achieved using a comprehensive PR strategy. The work of PR or Publicity firms like us is to help you come up with appropriate PR campaigns that promote your business or organization in positive light. Many Seattle organizations engage with the public on a day to day basis. Some of these organizations include businesses, companies, non-profit organizations, schools and many others. All these entities can make use of our publicity services to gain local as well as nationwide exposure. At NPD, we offer a wide range of PR Consulting and Marketing Communications Services. Our professional publicists work with various clients from big corporations to small businesses and even professionals such as lawyers, brokers, doctors, financial advisers, authors and entertainers. We get our clients to be recognized as authorities or experts in their areas of specialization. We also help them to grow huge followings on social media and other online platforms. The resulting publicity gives our clients’�" and their businesses, products and services �" the visibility and credibility needed to set them apart from their competitors. When consumers find news or information about your business (product or service) from a third-party or independent agency, they immediately gain trust and this trust increases as they continue to find news or information about your particular brand on a regular basis. Consistent public relations can therefore be a powerful marketing tool that creates a general awareness of your brand among consumers. PR goes further to promote your brand in a positive light which forces consumers to assume that your brand is bigger and more established, whether or not it actually is. National Press Distributors can help you come up with a smart public and media relations campaign that will not only communicate to consumers but also other important parties such as company stakeholders, investors and executives. All our PR campaigns are data driven and tailor made to suit your individual needs and requirements. We begin our campaigns by reviewing and analyzing your information and materials such your website, social media profiles and pages, products and services, and publications. We also look into current online exposure. All this information helps us to formulate a detailed and customized PR strategy for your brand. So whether your business sells goods or services, incorporating public relations into your day to day activities can have a number of positive impacts on your business. Some of the benefits of using our Seattle PR services are:
  • Increased consumer interest in your company’s products or services.
  • Enhanced brand image and visibility in the market place.
  • Creating a ‘buzz’ when launching new products or services into the market.
  • -Attracting positive attention and raising credibility of your brand among competitors.
All these benefits translate into increased returns or revenue for your business. We currently offer a full suite of public relations services that are customized for modern businesses and organizations. We are passionate, proactive and powerful in all our public relations efforts. Each of our dedicated PR services is delivered by highly trained and skilled marketing and public relations experts. Our team of experts has many years of experience in online marketing and reputation management. We make use of innovative methods to reach new heights for our clients. You can browse our list of PR services below:

Media List Building Services

Media lists are the foundation of any successful PR campaign. A good media list is made up of key media contacts such as journalists, radio personalities, talk show hosts, reporters, bloggers, producers, freelance writers and editors in various media sectors such as TV, print, radio and the internet. Luckily, at NPD, we have no shortage of media contacts in the above mentioned industries. We have placements in most media outlets in Seattle and across the country. Our media relations prowess is unmatched in the PR industry and that is what makes as a market leader at what we do. Also, we not only help you build an extensive media list but also ensure that your list of media contact has a unique reach to your target audience. So no matter what your target audience or market is, we can get the right media contacts to help publicize your brand.  

Media Outreach Services

Media outreach and media relations go hand in hand. In recent time, many media outlets and professionals have complained about poor media outreach practices carried out by brands and businesses. Sending hundreds of spam emails to editors and journalists is not the way to gain their attention. However, entrepreneurs and business owners do not have to worry about media outreach anymore as our professional media outreach services do the walking for you. With the help of our established media relations experts, getting the attention of your local or national newspaper editor or reporter will not be so difficult. Our digital PR team can also help you reach to online publishers and bloggers who can promote your brand on the web.  

Pitching Services

Pitching in public relations is all about proving your value to the writer or editor who you want to feature your story. Pitching is a tedious and time consuming affair as you have to do a lot of research, preparation and planning in order to have your facts in check. Media outlets strive to offer quality and newsworthy information to their audiences. Your content can be great but without good media pitching skills, your PR efforts may be all in vain. This is why at NPD, we do the hard work of pitching various media professionals on your behalf so that your content can be featured on local and national media channels.  

Media Relations Services

As mentioned, media relations is a key component of any PR strategy. Strong relationships have to exist between you and traditional as well as new media platforms. You must be familiar with the various publications and media outlets that regularly feature the products and services that you offer. This is the only way your brand can get substantial media coverage and exposure. NPD is made up of experienced PR professionals who have exemplary media relations skills. Our professionals are conversant with a wide range of traditional and new media outlets that focus on different niche industries in the commercial and non-commercial sectors. Good media relations are the backbone of your PR strategy so we do not take this aspect lightly.  

Analyst Relations Services

Analysts are key players in the PR industry. These professionals provide crucial information on market conditions, endorsements, growth prospects and many more. They also identify stories on both traditional and new media outlets that directly or indirectly affect your brand’s reputation. Analysts together with influencers can drive huge number of followers to your social media pages. This can greatly boost your brand’s popularity. NPD combines the insights of skilled analysts and the popularity of influencers to build your brand image in a smart and affordable way.

Message & Media Training

Knowing how to communicate crucial information about your brand or business to the media and general public is very important. The focus should not always be on what is being said but also on who is saying it. This is why entrepreneurs and business executives should learn how to deal with the media. In most cases, dealing with the media involves offering compelling interviews, broadcasts messages, phone conversations and other massages. NPD PR experts can train you and your staff on how to deliver these messages with great precision, accuracy and ease.  

Corporate Communications Services

At NPD, we work with you to create a better framework for internal and external communication. We are well aware that communication is required to create a better understanding of your company among consumers. Failure in corporate communications can lead to reduced brand awareness and confusion on the various products or services that your company offers. We work with our clients to ensure that this does not happen and that your target audience is well informed about your brand and what it has to offer.  

Corporate Social Responsibility Services

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a common PR strategy that aims at highlighting the various ways your brand has given back to the community. CSR is not only crucial for its noble cause but also for the positive image that it gives a brand. Engaging in regular CSR activities is therefore crucial for businesses in Seattle that wish to resonate with the general public where most potential consumers are. NPD offers a wide range of CSR services such as event support and media coverage.  

Issues and Crisis Communications and Crisis Management Services

Disaster and crisis is part of day to day life. No organization or business can claim to be immune from these unfortunate situations. When a disaster or crisis does occur, an organization needs to have a fast and reliable means of crisis communication. Crisis communication as a service deals with the formulating and conveying of crucial information regarding a crisis or disaster in a quick, truthful and panic free manner to those affected. Properly laid out procedures for crisis communication can help your brand to maintain a good reputation during trying moments. NPD has dedicated professionals who can help you formulate these procedures to ensure your brand image is always protected even in unfortunate circumstances.  

Investor Relations and Financial Communication Services

We do not just help you to communicate to your target market but also to crucial stakeholders in your business or company such as investors. We therefore offer investor relations to public and private companies as well as companies looking to go public through IPO’s. Investors are important individuals who always need to be kept in the know-how. Remember, happy investors make a happy company so you should always strive to keep investors satisfied and informed by communicating crucial information on business operations as well as finances.  

Funding PR Services

PR campaigns are intensive projects that require considerable amounts of funds in order to implement. At NPD, we help companies with to find ways to fund their PR campaigns. Numerous PR techniques can be reverse engineered to turn into sources of revenue for your business. Profits from PR and publicity activities can be diverted back to promoting your business or brand so that you can achieve a higher Return On Investment (ROI) at the end of the day.  

Press Release Distribution and PR Wire Services

Press releases are obviously very crucial pieces of communication that need to get to the right people in proper time. Our press release distribution or wire services for press releases are designed to get your press releases to each and every media contact in your media lists. Getting your press release to hundreds or even thousands of media outlets and personalities is necessary if you want to get a high ROI from your PR campaign. Our wire service helps you distribute, track and monitor the impact of your press releases. We distribute both traditional and online press release for maximum outreach.  

Product Public Relations Services

Last but not least, we offer product public relations services. These services incorporate all marketing and promotion efforts geared toward making specific products and services more popular to their target market. Product launching is specifically important in product public relations as they are the beginning of a much more comprehensive product campaign strategy that lasts many months or years. Getting consumers to relate with your product or service is very crucial to the success of your enterprise. At NPD, we make use of popular influencers to promote product launches and subsequent product promotions and offers. We do not just focus on your brand’s image but your product’s image as well.